Thursday, March 24, 2016

Small Ring Dishes

I love having a few of these around for vitamins, a few small chocolates, or earrings...

I make them by handbuilding pinch pots. I use a squeeze bottle to apply the black slip. They are fired at one of the fabulouse Minneapolis parks nearby (Fuller Park). A lot of our park buildings have ceramics facilities -- what a great city.

Here are some pics from the process.

Here are some recent pics that my brother took - he transformed by sunny dining room into a photo studio.

Most of these dishes are about 1-inch deep and 2.5 to 3.5 inches diameter.

Here's a pic from the day we shot the images - you can see how Jeff used white paper - he also put thin white curtains up to make the light more diffuse.  We decided to use Skittles for the pic, because they're more colorful and fun-looking than chocolate pieces.

This picture shows the dishes as greenware, un-fired clay.

I bought the small squeeze bottle with the metal applicator for applying black slip decorations from Continental Clay in NE Mpls.

This imagery of black line art is a common theme in my work. Here's a work on paper with acrylic and gold leaf from about 2003

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