Friday, January 08, 2016

Kelly Computer and Mr Machine visit Hippie Modernism at the Walker Art Center

Thoroughly enjoyed the Walker Art Center's Hippie Modernism Exhibit.

Need to read this essay from the catalog by Hugh Dubberly and Paul Pangaro. Apparently Dubberly has the full text on his website (Yay, because I have so many books, I really don't want to buy anymore -- there's no more room.)

I had seen the Archigram show at the Contemporary in Chicago a few years ago (Archigram was a futuristic architecture group from England in the late 60s, early 70s) In this exhibition, I was introduced to similar groups  -- a few pics:

Mr Machine checking out the posters
Please excuse  the lack of detail regarding some of these works - My aim here is to preserve some of my inspiration and favorite works from the show.

Ettore Sottsass, from The Planet As Festival, 1972 , handcolored lithographs on paper (above)

Onyx, Parsec City, Mike Hinge 1968-1970 (above)

Sture Johannesson, The Aquarian Planetarium, Day and Night, I am You, Copenhagen, 1969, Screenprint, Lithograph, and offset print on paper. (above)

This one really reminded me of what Edouardo Paolozzi was doing at the same time. 
I love these things!


Haus-Rucker-Co Mind Expander 2, 1968 (above) 

This was designed for two people to sit in

Ant Farm Black Van (above)

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nancynew said...

I love the Sottsaas. It reminds me of images in my new adult coloring book which I have found to be surprisingly fun...