Monday, March 10, 2008

1. Magnets available on etsy -- 2. Illustration Exhibit in Northfield

Two items:

1. The Illo.Minn exhibit is on the move and now will be on exhibit in Northfield, Minnesota. 
Here's the info:
Thursday, 3/13/08 opening reception, see for more details. 
This is in conjunction with an event at St. Olaf College, 50 minutes south of the Twin Cities.
Organized by Dave Machacek.
2. Robot Magnets:
I've been selling the little magnets on etsy and need to make more.
One went to a buyer in Louisiana and I sold another yesterday to someone in California. It is so great to make sales to people who just found my work on the internet and I have never met them. 
These are the little magnets - ceramic robots - I just sold this week. I have a bunch more, but I just bought some clay and some black slip. Thankfully, I have access to a kiln across the street at the recreation center for our neighborhood park (Bryant Square Park) -- they have a craft room there.

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